Charice Pempengco preparation on 2nd season of Glee

After Charice Pempengco confirmation that she will be part of the United State biggest shows “Glee”, here comes a new gossip that Charice undergo a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. Charice said that this is just a preparation on her Glee appearance. 
Charice go through Thermage and Botox procedure on Dr. Vicky Belo Medical Clinic. Dr. Belo says that Charice should undergo Thermage because her face is getting wider. She needs to look fatter because she has a normal round face.
The thermage will be visible after 3 months while the Botox will effect within a month this was explained by Dr. Belo.


LeBron James New Team

Before, a rumor came out says that James will switched team  from Cavaliers to Miami Heat but now it’s not a rumor anymore this was already confirmed by James himself that he will transfer team from Cavaliers to Miami Heat.

This was announced by James last June 8 evening live on primetime television special of ESPN.

The two-time MVP “LeBron James” thinking of a great chance to win championships in the team Miami Heat. Since James is now on the new team he will also wear a new number of jersey this is number 6 instead of 23 before.

James said on his interview on ESPN that he already informed the Miami team before appearing live on the show. Cleveland fans sad after hearing this information but the Miami fans was feeling so great thinking of a new reputation to the team.


Our very own PACMAN is a certified Billionaire

Based on his earnings of all his fight, Manny Pacquiao is now a certified billionaire. With his new fight of Joshua Clottey at the Cowboys Stadium he earned $12 million from that. Based on his four fights from Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto and lastly Joshua Clottey he reached $53 million all in all.

This is not mean that he will take home as much because there are huge deductions to be computed. But the important is that Pacquiao is now one of the World’s highest-paid athletes.

On his first professional fight of 1995 Pacquiao earned the equivalent of $20 million, earned $15 million for facing Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya last 2008, and $13 million for each fight against Hatton and Cotto last 2009.

He earned a grand total of P2.438 billion from these four fights alone.

This is not the end of Pacquiao’s earnings because he is also earn through the pay-per-view sales, ticket sales, gate receipts, merchandise and television rights. With the fight of De la Hoya only, Pacquiao earned close to $20 million all in all. And if he continues winning these earnings will not be stop this will continue grow and grow.

Our Source: Recreation and Entertainment


I’m very, very ready for the fight against Pacquiao: Clottey

Last Tuesday that was March 9 the opponent of Pacquiao who is the mild-mannered Clottey accidentally met Freddie Roach the coach of Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao, they were warmly greeted to each other and they posed for pictures.

Clottey said in an interview of ABS-CBN that he is grateful that he is given a chance to fight the people champs of the Philippines Manny “PACMAN” Pacquiao who is the current (WBO) World Boxing Organization welterweight champion.

He admit that he admires Pacquiao but because we’re in a business I will going to fight Manny Pacquiao as he meet me on the line.

Although he has a fewer fans, he is considered an underdog compared to Pacquiao this wouldn’t bother him at all.

Clottey says that I have everything to stop Paquiao speed. I’m very, very ready for our upcoming fight.

He added that Pacquiao would have to work very hard to beat me. It’s not going to be easy because I know how to adjust myself and im in good shape so it’s not going to be easy at all.

Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin’s relationship is improving

The “Showbiz News Ngayon” caught Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin get together after their separation on the first death anniversary get-together of Master Rapper Francis Magalona. This was their first ever public appearance.

Luis was so happy because they were out together in full function. Angel explained to SNN that this is the first time that we are out together honestly.

Both of them feel better about the development of their relationship.

Luis often drops on Angel‘s house and sends her foods and flowers. He is serious to win back Angel’s trust and confidence.

Angel was surprised upon knowing that Luis got the trophy for best supporting actor on the recent Gawad Tanglaw Award.